Serving as a Board Member


The College Board consists of six public members appointed by the Ministry of Health and 10 physician members elected from regional districts. Under the Health Professions Act, the Board must govern, control and administer the affairs of the College. The physicians who are elected to serve on the Board, along with the appointed public members, have a statutory obligation to act in the public interest. Elected board members do not “represent” physicians in a particular district, nor are they permitted to advocate for the profession. The regulation of the practice of medicine involves serving and protecting the public, and ensuring that the College discharges its responsibilities under all enactments in the public interest. In addition to serving on the Board, members are also appointed to various statutory and standing committees of the Board.

Time Commitment

Board meeting are held five times per year and are two days duration. The College’s committees meet five or more times per year, usually for one day. Where possible, board and committee meetings are scheduled in the same week.

Skills and Abilities

Candidates considering standing for election should have extensive professional knowledge and experience. Experience in clinical leadership (e.g. chief of staff, department head, program director), including planning and chairing committee meetings, are important assets. Physicians who serve on the College Board should have or be willing to take steps to acquire an understanding of regulatory governance, principles of administrative law, and procedural fairness—principles similar to those that apply within the medical staff organization of the health authority or student and faculty promotion in the faculty of medicine. Board members must be objective, fair, and impartial. All board members are required to swear or attest to the Oath of Office prior to serving.

Financial Compensation

Board members are entitled to a daily honorarium for attendance at meetings. Costs associated with travel and necessary per diem expenses are also paid in accordance with board policy.