About the Health Professions Act

There are three main components of the legislative framework that regulates the profession of medicine. These include the Health Professions Act, the Regulations and the Bylaws.

Health Professions Act – the Act is umbrella legislation that provides a common regulatory framework for health professions in British Columbia.

Regulations (BC Reg 129/2016 – June 6, 2016) – Regulations are created by government for each individual health profession governed under the Act. Each regulation defines reserved titles, contains a statement about the scope of practice and outlines a set of restricted activities describing what members of that profession are authorized to do.

Bylaws – each regulatory college has its own bylaws. The bylaws set out the details of the operation of the organization, including: the duties and responsibilities of a governing board, committees and the registrar; qualifications for registration and licensing; the regulation of professional conduct and ethics; and fee schedules.

Professional Regulation

A complete list of BC's health professions governed by regulatory colleges under the Health Professions Act can be found on the Ministry of Health website. To learn more about BC's regulated health professionals visit www.bchealthregulators.ca.