New College brand

The new brand and logo reflect the College’s current-day values of accessibility and inclusivity for all British Columbians.

Rebranding the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC

The College launched its new brand in April 2023 after a research process that began in 2021. As part of the rebranding, the College replaced its crest, a distinctly colonial symbol, with a new logo and brand identity. 


The rebranding was a multi-year process that involved gathering input from the public, registrants and partner organizations.

  • 1,055 members of the public
  • 2,198 registrants
  • 14 partner organizations

Feedback from these groups informed the work that went into the development of the new brand and visual identity.


After 137 years, the College has retired its crest and adopted a new brand and visual identity to better reflect its values of accessibility and inclusivity. The new brand is more than just a logo. Visually, the mark is bold, simple and modern, but the spirit of the brand will guide the actions of employees, board and committee members as they engage with registrants and the public they serve. 

Through the lens of the new brand, the College will continue to fulfill its mandate by ensuring:

  • physicians and surgeons are fit and competent to practise medicine;
  • its regulatory processes are just, fair and equitable to all people; and
  • the daily actions and behaviours of all employees, board and committee members exemplify the College’s commitment to diversity, and cultural safety and humility.