Cultural safety, cultural humility and anti-racism practice standard and accompanying resources

Practice standard

The College’s role is to protect the public by ensuring that its registrants provide ethical, safe, quality care. The In Plain Sight report (2020) demonstrated that some health-care professionals continue to perpetuate Indigenous-specific racism, resulting in harm, neglect, misdiagnosis and even death of Indigenous patients. This standard is one way the College is redressing that harm by ensuring patients receive culturally safe care.

The College's practice standard clarifies the expectation for physicians and surgeons to provide culturally safe competent care, address these inequities and create a more equitable and fair health-care system for Indigenous people.

The College recognizes that there is inequity experienced by other racialized peoples; this standard for Indigenous-specific racism is in direct response to the findings/recommendations of the In Plain Sight report and it will be a part of our ongoing work to address harms experienced by other marginalized groups. The College also has a practice standard, Access to Medical Care Without Discrimination, which speaks to racism and discrimination on a broader level, including its impact on other minority groups.

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