Guidelines and policies for the Board

Roles and responsibilities

The Board oversees, controls and administers the College’s affairs in accordance with the Health Professions Act, Regulations and Bylaws.

  • Develop and approve the College’s mission, vision and values
  • Develop and approve the College’s strategic plan
  • Hire the registrar
  • Conduct annual performance reviews of the registrar
  • Make, alter, repeal, and suspend Bylaws  
  • Establish and approve budgets and fees
  • Approve standards, policies and guidelines
  • Ensure Board effectiveness and good governance
  • Appoint committee members
  • Act under section 25.2 of the Health Professions Act
  • In limited circumstances, act as an appeal body for a committee decision
  • When called upon, act as Registration Committee—applications for registration post-erasure
  • Monitor and provide oversight of operational priorities:
    • risk identification and mitigation
    • finances (resources, controls, audit)
    • progress on strategic priorities
    • statutory compliance
    • regulatory effectiveness
    • organizational effectiveness
    • communications
    • government/stakeholder relations
    • annual report to minister of health
  • When called upon, participate in government/stakeholder relations