The Board of the College establishes standing committees made up of board members and other professionals who review issues, and provide guidance and direction to the Board and the College’s staff, ensuring a well-balanced and equitable approach to medical self-regulation.

Committees of the Board are comprised of members who reflect the importance of diversity, gender equality, varied professional experience, and qualification.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee ensures that the Board fulfills its responsibilities through appropriate governance policies and training programs, which includes recommending training and development to the Board based on an annual assessment, and developing a long-term plan for the composition of the Board.

Mr. B.C. Bell (Chair)
Dr. P.D. Rowe (Vice-chair)
Dr. B.A. Priestman
Mr. L.R. Yip

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee considers, monitors, oversees and makes recommendations to the Board relating to College human resource policy and procedure development, risk management, HR strategy, compensation philosophy, registrar and senior staff selection, and registrar assessment.

Dr. B.A. Priestman (Chair)
Dr. T.T.S Mann (Vice-chair)
Ms. J.W.E. Dyson
Dr. J.J. Kingsley
Dr. C.S. Leger
Ms. S.F.J. Ross

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding the membership and leadership of the College’s committees, including reviewing confidential assessments of committees and committee chairs as part of the appointment and reappointment processes.

Mr. B.C. Bell (Chair)
Dr. P.D. Rowe (Vice-chair) 
Ms. L. Charvat 
Ms. S.F.J. Ross