The Board of the College establishes standing committees made up of board members and other professionals who review issues, and provide guidance and direction to the Board and the College’s staff, ensuring a well-balanced and equitable approach to medical self-regulation.

Committees of the Board are comprised of members who reflect the importance of diversity, gender equality, varied professional experience, and qualification.

Library Committee

The Library Committee is a standing non-statutory committee that sets strategic direction and policy for the College's medical library, including ensuring the library's collection is current and accessible to all registrants, maintaining relationships with other libraries and consortia, implementing new online and print resources, and supporting teaching initiatives hosted by the library staff.

See Library Committee Meeting Guidelines.

Dr. P.A. Glaze (Chair)
Dr. A.D. Anzarut
Dr. C.Y. Cheng
Dr. F.A. Dossa
Dr. K.K. Lee
Dr. U.J. Lee

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