DAP Committee

Role of the committee

The DAP Committee performs the following roles:

  • establish accreditation standards for the performance of diagnostic services
  • evaluate the actual performance to the standards
  • determine if a diagnostic facility should be accredited


The College Board appoints members of the DAP Committee, including the chair and vice-chair. The committee consists of at least six people and must include at least one board member. The majority of members must be registrants of the College and will consist of people with knowledge of accreditation and quality assurance.

This includes:

  • a pathologist
  • a medical imaging specialist
  • a registrant who does not practice in a diagnostic facility
  • a person recommended by the health authorities or the province
  • other people with specific clinical expertise

These are voting ad hoc members for the purpose of reviewing assessments and making accreditation decisions.

Current members of the DAP Committee


The responsibilities of the DAP Committee are to:

  • determine if a diagnostic facility should be accredited to provide a diagnostic service
  • establish performance standards to ensure the delivery of high quality and safe diagnostic services and, upon request, to provide a copy of those standards
  • evaluate a diagnostic service’s level of actual performance in achieving the performance standards
  • establish and monitor external proficiency testing programs
  • promote high standards in diagnostic medicine
  • keep records of receipts and expenditures in a manner approved by the Board