Existing facilities

Change in service process

The Notification of Significant Change in Service form must be completed and submitted to the DAP if a facility is preparing for a significant change in service related to the following:

  • a change in service related to a physical location
  • methodology
  • scope of testing
  • scope of service
    • addition of service modalities
    • introduction of new methodologies
  • change in leadership
  • change in staffing model (e.g. CLXT, pathologist’s assistant, non-certified staff, etc.)
  • relocation to a new address

Notification of Significant Change in Service form

Change that affects multiple facilities

If the change affects multiple facilities, a separate form must be submitted for each.

Alternatively, a letter detailing the significant change, as per the form, may be submitted on behalf of multiple facilities. Once received, the DAP will review and provide a written response regarding the outcome.

Information submitted in the Notification of Significant Change form will also be updated in the facility’s scope of service form.

Ending the service or facility closure

Facilities discontinuing an accredited service or closing completely must provide written communication in the form of a signed letter from the medical director confirming service cessation or facility closure and the effective date.

Email the DAP