Existing facilities

DAP accreditation involves continuous assessment activities that take place during a four-year cycle.

This includes an on-site assessment at least every 46 to 48 months, proficiency testing and accreditation activities when there is a significant change in service. The new accreditation award is valid for five years

Pause in service

A pause in service occurs when operational constraints forces an interruption to the provision of an accredited diagnostic service. It may impact one service or the entire scope of accreditation.

Examples of operational constraints include:

  • availability of trained personnel
  • equipment availability
  • medical oversight

Notification of significant change in service form

Limited pause in service

Facilities may experience a pause in service for many different reasons and for varying lengths of time. The DAP will allow a pause in service for a limited time without the need to cancel a facility’s accreditation. It is important that this pause is reflected in the DAP communications to stakeholders. A facility will be appropriately assessed after the pause is resolved before it can resume services.

Pauses longer than six months

The scope of service at a facility will be updated on the College’s online accredited facilities lists for all pauses longer than six months. Facilities are required to complete a focused assessment for that service if the pause in service is longer than six months. Facilities will require a new accreditation award through the initial assessment process if the pause in service is longer than 12 months.

Resumption of service

Facilities resuming service must notify the DAP. After the DAP has received notification of the resumption of service, an accreditation specialist will contact the facility. The accreditation specialist will schedule a follow-up accreditation activity if the facility/service closure exceeded six months.  

Ending the service or facility closure

Facilities discontinuing an accredited service or closing completely can email the DAP a signed letter from the medical director confirming service cessation or facility closure and the effective date.

Email the DAP