Existing facilities


All facilities relocating to a new address or within their existing building (e.g. facility is rebuilt on the same site) must go through the relocation assessment process prior to service delivery or patient testing at the new location.

Relocation assessment process

An accreditation specialist will contact the facility to schedule an on-site assessment after the DAP has reviewed the submission.

During the on-site assessment, the assessor will:

  • review the physical environment
  • discuss processes with staff
  • follow up on any outstanding issues identified during the distance review of the evidence submission

Following the on-site assessment, the facility will be issued an accreditation report. Nonconformances where the facility is not meeting all of the requirements outlined in the accreditation standards for relocation assessment will be outlined in the accreditation report. Nonconformances will need to be implemented before the facility can receive an accreditation award for the new location/address.


The expiration of the new accreditation award will remain the same as the previous accreditation award. Previously scheduled accreditation activities will not change.