Funding and fees

Funding for the DAP

Funding comes primarily from annual fees paid by public and private diagnostic facilities accredited by the DAP.

  • Public facilities’ fees are paid by health authorities, which are responsible for the public diagnostic facilities in British Columbia. The Ministry of Health pays this annually in lump sum.
  • Private facilities’ fees are paid by individual facilities accredited by the DAP.

Remaining revenue sources include investment income and application fees.


All accredited diagnostic facilities/services are subject to annual fees.

The annual fees are determined based on the following:

  • type of facility
  • types of services
  • number of services provided

The DAP does not invoice facilities for the costs associated with on-site assessments.

New facility application fee

Fee: C$2,000

This fee accompanies an application for accreditation by a new non-accredited facility. The application fee includes conducting the on-site initial assessment.

A new facility is not subject to annual fees for the current fiscal year in which they are accredited.

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Unscheduled assessment fee

Fee: C$1,500

These assessments are usually conducted at the direction of the DAP Committee to gain additional information on a specific area of activity in a facility.

Initial assessment of new service fee

Fee: C$1,000

This fee applies to an already accredited facility that has expanded service to provide another modality/discipline.

Relocation fee

Fee: C$1,000

This fee applies to an already accredited facility that is relocating to another physical location.

This applies to moves within the same facility (e.g. relocation to a different section of a hospital or building) and to moves involving a different physical address. In order to be eligible for a relocation visit, the facility must retain the same scope of service and have no significant change to technical, administrative or medical leadership. 

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