Laboratory medicine

All diagnostic laboratory medicine facilities in BC must be accredited by the College’s Diagnostic Accreditation Program through one of two schemes.

DAP ISO 15189 accreditation scheme

Identified high complexity and high volume facilities are accredited to the DAP ISO 15189 scheme. Facilities that are not required to participate may also request ISO 15189 accreditation.

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DAP core accreditation scheme

All facilities must be accredited by the DAP to the core standards.

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Evaluates and establishes accreditation standards for the performance of diagnostic services
Advises DAP staff and the DAP Committee on medical, technical and management issues
DAP ISO 15189 and DAP core
Conducts on-site assessments of diagnostic facilities and services
Learn how and why DAP requires proficiency testing to be in done in a medical lab
Funding for the program and fees for accreditation