Accreditation for laboratory medicine facilities

The Diagnostic Accreditation Program is the regulatory accreditation body for laboratory medicine diagnostic services in BC. We ensure availability of accreditation services to all diagnostic facilities and apply all policies and procedures in a non-discriminatory manner.

DAP laboratory medicine accreditation schemes

All diagnostic laboratory medicine facilities in BC must be accredited by the DAP through one of two schemes.

The accreditation schemes employ program specific standards developed by the DAP using international best practices and expert consensus through the program’s advisory committees. Staff and peer assessors with appropriate knowledge of the scope of accreditation are chosen to assess the diagnostic facility to the DAP standards. The DAP does not provide competing services or offer consultancy services.

Rights and obligations of the DAP

The DAP developed its accreditation programs in accordance with College’s values.

The Health Professions Act and the College Bylaws outlines and describes the rights and obligations of the DAP as an accreditation body.

Rights and obligations of accredited facilities

The diagnostic service medical director must sign an accreditation agreement before participating in the accreditation process. If there is a change in the medical director, they must sign a new accreditation agreement.

The accreditation agreement explicitly states the terms of accreditation and the College’s expectations of the medical director within the College Bylaws.

DAP accreditation agreement

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