Private facilities seeking COVID-19 accreditation

As directed by Dr. Bonnie Henry: Any site, laboratory, or company that charges clients for symptomatic or asymptomatic point-of-care (POC) testing for COVID-19 is required to receive full independent accreditation through the Diagnostic Accreditation Program (DAP).

Read the PHO official letter on July 15, 2022

What do I do next?

After the on-site assessment, the DAP will provide the facility with an initial assessment accreditation report

The accreditation report provides findings from the on-site assessment and includes any nonconformances that were identified at the time of assessment.

You can find the accreditation report by logging into the accreditation programs web account.

Facilities are required to submit evidence to the DAP, demonstrating that the nonconformances have been implemented.

Demonstrate corrective actions by:

  • completing the Evidence Submission Form
  • attach any appropriate evidence that illustrates implementation
    • e.g. policies, procedures, photographs records etc.
    • draft documents are not accepted as evidence

Submit completed documents to

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