New facilities

Initial assessment

The DAP requires a completed application for initial assessment to initiate the on-site assessment.

Physicians, surgeons and facilities intending to provide a diagnostic service must:

  1. provide information on the facility for initial assessment
  2. sign an agreement on being accredited
  3. submit evidence to be reviewed prior to the on-site assessment

Applying for provisional accreditation

Provisional accreditation uses a focused standard set addressing patient and staff safety, and facility equipment validation prior to opening for service. During this initial assessment, the DAP will adhere to the initial assessment standards and will exercise due care to avoid consultancy. The provisional accreditation certificate is valid for up to two years.

The DAP will reassess the diagnostic service to the full set of applicable standards within one year of the initial assessment.

The DAP will terminate the application and assessment process if fraudulent behavior or the provision of false or concealed information are identified at any point in the application or initial assessment process.