Position statements

Position statements provide background information and express or clarify the College’s intent on a particular matter.

DAP position statements

Topic Area of interest Position statement Date published
Accreditation Spirometry Accreditation of Overnight Oximetry in Community Spirometry March 1, 2019
Accreditation Point-of-care testing Accreditation Requirements for Facilities Performing Point-of-Care Testing May 14, 2021
Accreditation Mobile services Accreditation Requirements for Mobile Phlebotomy Services February 8, 2019
Credentialing Pulmonary function Credentialing Requirements for Pulmonary Function Testing December 19, 2018
Credentialing Home sleep apnea testing Credentialing Requirements for Home Sleep Apnea Testing February 1, 2021
Accreditation Laboratory medicine DAP Accreditation of Genetic Testing Laboratories and Direct-to-consumer Testing June 13, 2018
Accreditation Peer review Handling Information Related to Peer Review in Diagnostic Facilities October 1, 2018
Accreditation Spirometry Mobile Community Spirometry March 1, 2019
Accreditation Point-of-care testing Point-of-Care Diagnostic Tests Exempt from DAP Accreditation February 19, 2020
Accreditation Home sleep apnea testing Prescription Pad Use and Distribution by Home Sleep Apnea Testing Providers April 29, 2022
Accreditation Laboratory medicine Eligibility Requirements for DAP Accreditation September 16, 2020
Accreditation Laboratory medicine Accreditation Requirements for Phlebotomy Services December 1, 2021
Accreditation Neurodiagnostics Procedure for Physicians Seeking Community-based DAP Accreditation and MSP Billing for EMG May 27, 2023
Accreditation Ultrasound Fetal Anatomy Ultrasound Assessments August 30, 2023
Accreditation Diagnostic imaging Physicians Performing X-ray Examinations August 30, 2023
Accreditation Diagnostic imaging The Use of Mobile X-ray Units as a Stationary X-ray Unit October 5, 2023