Spirometry (community)

Spirometry and flow volume loops are a subgroup of pulmonary function testing, which measures how the lungs work. Facilities only performing spirometry and flow volume loops are accredited through the community spirometry process.

Spirometry quality control program

Spirometry is a useful diagnostic test commonly performed in a variety of settings; however, accurate results are dependent on careful technique, proper equipment calibration, and maintenance. The American Thoracic Society (ATS) and European Respiratory Society (ERS) have recommended procedures to reduce variability including the weekly testing of flow volume measurements and biologic normal subjects.

Under the DAP spirometry quality control program, facility personnel at each site perform quality control procedures and spirometry measurements on BioQC subjects according to the DAP protocol.

The results, which are submitted to the DAP twice each year, give an indication of any areas of concern with the spirometer or performance of the tests.  Where unsuccessful QC performance is observed, it will be escalated to the DAP Committee to determine follow-up actions for the facility to maintain its accreditation award.

The DAP welcomes feedback about the accreditation services it provides to diagnostic facilities
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