Non-hospital facility complaints

How patients can raise concerns

Patients who have a complaint about an accredited private medical/surgical facility are encouraged to bring it first to the attention of the medical director of the facility.

Depending on the nature of the complaint, the NHMSFAP may need to contact the facility to determine whether it is meeting applicable standards. In such cases, the complaint information may be provided to the facility medical director for review and follow-up. The NHMSFAP may also use information received in a complaint in future facility assessments.

Direct complaints about physicians or surgeons to the College complaints department.

Direct complaints about nurses to the BC College of Nurses and Midwives.

Direct complaints about public health-care facilities to the health authority Patient Care Quality Office.

File a complaint regarding the program or accredited private medical/surgical facility

Fill out the online form or write a letter containing:

  • complainant name and contact information
  • facility name and address of where the care was received
  • description of the complaint:
    • date of occurrence
    • a short explanation of what happened
    • names of people involved (if known ) or positions (e.g. physician, nurse, etc.)

Submit complaint via online form