Building or renovating a facility

Facilities must adhere to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z8000 standard for the planning, design and construction of health-care facilities.


The College is a key stakeholder throughout the planning, design and construction process.

Detailed design plans of the proposed facility layout should be submitted to the College for final comment once your health-care IDT develops them. This is to ensure that there are no concerns from an accreditation perspective.

Only detailed designs that comply with CSA Z8000 should be submitted for building permitting.

Construction must be completed within the outlined time limit

As health-care facility design standards evolve over time to improve the safety and quality for staff and patients, it is expected that construction and/or renovations are completed within a reasonable amount of time.

This will ensure that the facility continues to meet the key objectives of current physical design standards such as accessibility, safety, security,and infection prevention and control when the construction is completed.

An application is presumed abandoned and the application file closed if:

  • six months have passed since a project update or any correspondence was received; and/or
  • two years have passed since the date of the application
    • unless the medical director of the facility has submitted a time limit extension request and a time limit extension, not exceeding twelve months, has been granted by the NHMSFAP Committee (i.e. a total of three years from the date of the application)

Construction and/or Renovation Time Limit policy

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