Existing facilities

The NHMSFAP awards accreditation to facilities for a period of up to five years.

Existing facilities must undergo a reaccreditation assessment at four years and correct any non-conformances to ensure compliance with standards before the award expires.

Clinical trials

Clinical research in non-hospital facilities may only be conducted under a properly constituted clinical trial with research ethics board oversight.

A clinical trial application must be submitted to the NHMSFAP Committee before any research involving human participants and/or human biological materials commences.

Clinical Research in Non-Hospital Facilities position statement

Clinical trial application form

Learn more about the College’s expectations of accredited private medical/surgical facilities
Learn more about the appointment process required for all medical staff in facilities
Apply and notify the NHMSFAP of administrative and operational changes

Report a patient safety incident

Protecting patient safety is the NHMSFAP’s top priority.

A medical director must notify the program after the discovery of a reportable incident at their facility.