Existing facilities

The NHMSFAP awards accreditation to facilities for a period of up to five years.

Existing facilities must undergo a reaccreditation assessment at four years and correct any non-conformances to ensure compliance with standards before the award expires.

Level of anesthesia change

Facilities considering upgrading or downgrading the class of anesthesia procedures being provided must contact the NHMSFAP before making any changes.

Facilities planning to upgrade their class of anesthesia may require an on-site assessment before being granted accreditation.


Medical director change

Every facility must appoint a medical director who is a registrant of the College. A facility is not permitted to operate without a medical director.

The NHMSFAP must be informed of any change in medical director.

Notification of Appointment of Medical Director form

Ownership changes

Changes in ownership have implications for the continued operation of a facility.

Facilities planning on making any changes in its ownership rights or interests should contact the NHMSFAP early in the process.  A signed letter from the medical director must also be provided before any change in ownership of the facility.


Facility closure

Facilities planning to do any of the following must provide the NHMSFAP a signed letter from the medical director:

  • discontinuing procedures which require an accredited facility
  • closing completely

The signed letter from the medical director must confirm the procedure cessation or facility closure and the effective date. This notification must be made no later than 30 days prior to discontinuation or closure.



Facilities considering renovations for any reason must contact the NHMSFAP before they start work.

The medical director must provide a signed letter at least 90 days before the start of any work.

Requirements for renovating a facility

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Apply and notify the NHMSFAP of administrative and operational changes

Report a patient safety incident

Protecting patient safety is the NHMSFAP’s top priority.

A medical director must notify the program after the discovery of a reportable incident at their facility.