Building or renovating a facility

Facilities must adhere to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z8000 standard for the planning, design and construction of health-care facilities.


Renovations should not start without the College’s input and the involvement of an interdisciplinary design team (IDT) of experts.

Submit details of the proposed renovations to the College for final comment to ensure there are no accreditation concerns.


Review relevant policies

We advise you to review these specific NHMSFAP policies before starting your renovations.

For renovations to modify or upgrade the facility

Renovations and New Construction to a Facility policy

For renovations related to maintenance and restoration

Major Renovations for Reasons of Maintenance or Restoration policy

Renovations have to be completed within timelines outlined in this policy

Construction and/or Renovation Time Limit policy

Renovations require establishing an interdisciplinary design team

Interdisciplinary Design Team Membership policy

Retain an infection prevention and control professional

CSA Z317.13 infection control must be adhered to during construction, renovation and maintenance of health-care facilities.

This includes retaining an infection prevention and control professional to direct and monitor necessary preventative measures throughout the renovation.

Contact the NHMSFAP to access the standard

Learn more about the College’s expectations of accredited private medical/surgical facilities
Learn more about the appointment process required for all medical staff in facilities
Apply and notify the NHMSFAP of administrative and operational changes