Updates from the Physician Practice Enhancement Program

Pediatric and internal medicine to be part of PPEP expansion

The College is pleased to announce that the Physician Practice Enhancement Program (PPEP) will be expanding its scope of specialists to include pediatrics and internal medicine. To date, the PPEP has focused on office-based psychiatry specialists only.

Similar to general practice assessments, specialist assessments include three components: peer practice assessment of recorded care, multi-source feedback assessment, and office inspection of premises and processes.

The program will first implement pediatric specialty assessments. The pediatric assessment standards were developed after consultation with experienced pediatricians in the field, as well as research and data collected from the work of other health regulatory bodies.

It is expected that pediatric specialty assessments will commence this fall, while the internal medicine component of the expansion will be implemented shortly thereafter.

The Physician Practice Enhancement Program has assessed more than 1,500 physicians in the past five years, mainly focusing on physicians in general practice. The specialty assessments provide an opportunity for specialists to highlight areas of excellence, and identify opportunities to guide continuing professional development and lifelong learning.