A word from the College library

Read app—keeping up to speed, linking to library journals

Read is a free mobile app by QxMD designed for iOS- and Android-compliant tablets and smartphones as well as being a desktop application. Read helps registrants keep abreast of new publications by tracking medical journals, searching Medline, and smoothly locating and downloading full-text articles as PDFs.

Through an intuitive and user-friendly interface, selected journals from more than 5,600 titles are followed and citations to new articles are delivered as they are published. Furthermore, Read collects new articles based on a simple Medline search queries. When an article abstract is viewed, Read immediately searches for the free full text of the article either from the web or from the selected institution’s subscriptions. College registrants with library access may now set their institutional proxy access to “College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia” to easily and quickly download articles from more than 2,000 journals. The College website prompts for a login only once in each Read session. 

Read offers tools to annotate PDFs, add notes, underline, highlight, and draw on downloaded articles. Annotations are saved locally on your device and do not sync with other devices. Downloaded PDFs can be arranged in meaningful collections and read offline. Collections can be made public for Read viewers to benefit from each other’s selections. 

Read has been recognized as a particularly effective tool for keeping current with the medical literature. For instance, it is the topic of a recent issue of This App Changed My Practice¹ and is reviewed along with similar apps such as Docphin and Browzine in The best medical apps for keeping up with new literature

Complex medical questions are likely to require more advanced approaches to literature searching. College registrants are welcome to request literature searches from the College library. The searches are tailored to be as comprehensive or focused as needed and every effort is made to meet the physician’s timeline so the results can be integrated into practice effectively. Contact the library on the web, by email at medlib@cpsbc.ca, or phone at 604-733-6671.

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