Access to PharmaNet—more than a best practice

A draft standard was presented to the Board at its meeting in November that would require all registrants who are licensed for independent practice to have access to PharmaNet at all clinical practice locations. In January, the College will circulate the draft standard for consultation to the profession, Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health. The College recognizes that this will be a collaborative process between many individuals and agencies, all of whom have a role to play in ensuring this important public safety tool is fully operationalized. Once the new standard is approved, the College will allow for a transition period, where physicians will be given an appropriate amount of time to enable the technology in their practice locations. More information on mandatory access and use of PharmaNet will be made available in the New Year.

More information about PharmaNet, including how to apply, can be found at the BC Ministry of Health's Medical Practice Access to PharmaNet website.