What registrants need to know about phasing out the BC CareCard

Physicians are being asked to assist with helping to phase out BC CareCard by February 2018. Help spread the word.

The BC CareCard will be retired and replaced by the BC Services Card in February 2018. While most adult patients will present a BC Services Card when accessing care, others who are not aware of the change may continue to use their CareCard.

Patients who present with a BC CareCard for services after February 2018, must also provide one piece of photo identification. If they do not have photo ID, then they must provide two pieces of alternate identification along with their personal health number. Other provinces will be directed to not accept the BC CareCard as evidence of enrolment in the Medical Services Plan (MSP).

Adults aged 75 and older do not need to renew in MSP but should still obtain a BC Services Card. Children are automatically issued a non-photo BC Services Card and do not need to renew MSP enrolment until their 19th birthday.

Physicians are asked to advise their patients of the upcoming changes.