Pulmonary function level 2 (spirometry) accreditation awards

Since 2014, spirometry facilities in BC have participated in a quality control (QC) program coordinated by the Diagnostic Accreditation Program (DAP). The calibration, linearity, biological quality control (Bio QC) data, and interpreted cases that are submitted twice each year, are anonymized and sent to spirometry experts for independent assessment. The expert feedback is reported back to the submitting facility to support quality improvement.

The DAP has seen continuous improvement throughout the course of these last few years and commends the BC spirometry community for its great work. In fact, the BC program is identified in North America as an exemplary model of a spirometry QC program.

While the DAP has historically provided accreditation awards to level 3 pulmonary function facilities as a result of on-site assessment, the same was not true for level 2 pulmonary function facilities that only performed spirometry testing. The DAP is pleased to report that the DAP Committee approved accreditation awards to all level 2 pulmonary function facilities that successfully complied with the provincial spirometry QC program. The accreditation certificates were issued in October and will be renewed every four years automatically with continued successful participation in the program.

The DAP worked closely with consultants to identify performance criteria that would be escalated to the DAP Committee for review and follow-up. This information is available for viewing on the DAP website at www.dap.org.