2017 notification of election for board members

In accordance with the provisions of the Health Professions Act and the Bylaws made under the Act, an election is being held in April 2017 for five of the ten elected board member positions in four electoral districts: 1 – Vancouver Island, South; 3 – Vancouver and surrounding area; 4 – Fraser; 7 – Northern. As in previous years, the upcoming election will be conducted electronically, including email notifications and secure online voting with results managed by an external third party auditor.

The first notification of the election and a call for nominations was sent by email to all registrants on January 12, 2017. Nominations are now being accepted and must be received by Wednesday, February 15, 2017.

Dates to note:

January 12 – notification of election to registrants
February 15 – deadline for receipt of nominations
February 28 – presentation of nominated candidates for each district
March 2 – online voting begins
April 2 – online voting concludes
April 3 – announcement of new elected board members

For more information on how to nominate a candidate, eligibility and serving as a College Board member click here.