The importance of seeing a regulated health professional

On January 10, the College issued a public health warning after an investigation into the unauthorized practice of medicine. In December, the College was granted an order by the BC Supreme Court to enter and search a residence in Delta where a woman was providing medical procedures she was not authorized or qualified to perform. 

The order allowed the College to seize all items believed to be used for the practise of medicine, including syringes and surgical instruments. Investigators were unable to locate an autoclave on the premises.  

While the details of this case are deeply troubling, they serve to remind the profession of its ethical duty to report such situations to the College. This case was brought to the College’s attention by two physicians on two separate and unrelated occasions. In each instance, the physician had inquired further when a patient presented with complications following procedures performed by the unauthorized practitioner. This information led the College to successfully obtain an injunction against her thereby mitigating any further risk to the public.