New prescription (Rx) pads and new process

Prescribers should note the following changes to prescription pads and the ordering process:

  1. Both copies will be perforated. If a pad is stolen or lost, sensitive patient information may potentially fall into the wrong hands and put patients at risk. Rather than retaining the second blue copy in the book, physicians are advised to tear it out and either physically attach it to the patient’s paper chart, or scan and attach it to the electronic patient record. The blue copy should then be shredded. 
  2. Date formats for both methadone and duplicate pads are now identical.
  3. The yellow reorder forms have been removed. The white cover shows the links for ordering online. Online ordering will actually be faster, as incomplete faxes of the yellow form can cause delays when processing orders. Processing orders can take two to three weeks and physicians must sign the forms. Medical office staff may not sign on behalf of the physician.
  4. Physicians who request a rush order (marking the form as “urgent”) will receive blank pads, not the preprinted ones. 

Below are the links for ordering controlled prescription pads:

To reduce waste and the costs associated with repeat orders or orders that don’t end up getting used, physicians are encouraged to take an inventory of their prescription pads before placing an order. 

Lost, stolen or forged prescriptions

The College has received several calls lately regarding lost, stolen and forged prescriptions. If this occurs, physicians should: 

  • call the College  to be provided with folio numbers and note the incident
  • call the College of Pharmacists of BC to report the folio numbers so that a fan-out may be started
  • call law enforcement, if necessary

Physicians can submit a request in writing to the Prescription Review Program to obtain a copy of their prescribing profile to see prescriptions that may have been filled under their name. Requests can be sent to