Canadian content at the College library

RxTx is an online therapeutics package from the Canadian Pharmacists Association including the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS), Compendium of Therapeutic Choices (formerly Therapeutic Choices) and the Lexicomp drug interaction checker. In addition to being a collection of monographs on many of the drugs available in Canada, developed by manufacturers and approved by Health Canada, the CPS offers overviews compiled by Canadian Pharmacists Association editors of current medical guidance on use of various drugs by class. These CPhA monographs are based on independent literature reviews and are assessed by physicians and pharmacists. The Compendium of Therapeutic Choices provides evidence-based recommendations for drug- and non-drug-based care for a broad range of medical conditions. Find RxTx via the College library’s Point of Care and Drug Tools page.

The Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs Online (CHPO) for adults and its sister publication for children and adolescents is independent and unbiased guidance for the use of psychotropic agents edited by a Canadian contingent of experts in pharmacy and mental health. This resource has become a key text in the field and is valuable to any physician who prescribes psychotropic agents. Its unique use of colour, icons and tabs makes navigating the online (and print) texts simple and predictable. Content includes available products (including Canadian and US trade names), on- and off-label indications, dosing, pharmacokinetics, adverse effects, lab tests, precautions in young, old, and pregnant patients; drug interactions; and patient instructions as printable PDFs. Find CHPO via the College library’s Point of Care and Drug Tools page.

In addition to these two resources, visit the College library website for a rich collection of evidence to support clinical care decisions. Library staff is available to provide literature searches to help with clinical quandaries and locate articles and books. One-to-one support with searching the literature is also available at 604-733-66741 or