Registrar's message—new physician office medical device reprocessing assessments

Community-based physicians using reusable semi-critical and/or critical medical devices in their practice should be following the BC Ministry of Health’s Best Practice Guidelines for Cleaning, Disinfection, and Sterilization of Critical and Semi-Critical Medical Devices. As a valuable resource, this document describes the requirements, methods and steps to reprocess unclean/used reusable medical devices so that they are safe to use again. 

To help physicians navigate the best practice guidelines, the College is launching an initiative called the Physician Office Medical Device Reprocessing Assessments (POMDRA). A new section on the College website is dedicated to this topic with tools, resources, FAQs, and a direct link to the best practice guidelines.

A short introductory video explaining the initiative is available here:


More information on POMDRA can be found here.

To ensure patient safety, there is a necessary assessment component to this initiative. Community-based physicians who identify that they reprocess reusable semi-critical and/or critical medical devices in their practice setting will be required to participate in POMDRA whether they practise alone, or in a multi-physician clinic (including long-term and short-term locums). The goal is to educate and support physicians. 

Community-based physicians who reprocess medical devices are encouraged to review the resources available on the College website. 

Heidi M. Oetter, MD
Registrar and CEO