Toxic anterior segment syndrome (TASS) outbreak

TASS is a sterile postoperative inflammatory reaction caused by a noninfectious substance that enters the anterior segment of the eye, resulting in toxic damage to intraocular tissue and typically starts 12 to 48 hours after cataract surgery. TASS usually presents as an outbreak at a surgery centre and can be due to a whole host of factors including retained ocular viscoelastic devices (OVDs), medications, detergent residues or endotoxins.

The College thanks the medical director and team for being available and working collaboratively with the College, the BC Centre for Disease Control and BC medical health officers regarding this TASS outbreak. A careful and comprehensive review of the facility’s practices was completed and so far no single causative agent has been identified.

This outbreak highlights the importance of reporting patient safety events to the College to enable collaboration in identifying and mitigating risks to patient safety.