Articles (and more) delivered quickly

The library provides over 50,000 articles a year to registrants either though self-serve on the website or by a request to library staff. Registrants are welcome to download an unlimited number of articles from over 2,000 e-journals to which the library subscribes. Library staff can access more journal titles than those listed on the library website, and can quickly locate a copy published elsewhere.

Some common questions on article delivery:

Is there a charge for each article?

The first 200 copies per calendar year are free. Additional requests are $3 per copy over 200. If the article can only be sourced from another library, there may be a cost depending on the loaning library’s charge, which is generally between $7 and $20 (the College gets the article only with the requestor’s prior approval of the cost).

Is there a limit to the number of articles that can be requested at a time?  

No, there is no limit. 

If the library doesn’t offer an article—is there a requirement to pay the publisher for a copy?

No, try the library first. Library staff can source the article in-house or locally at no cost. 

Are copies of past conference poster presentations available?

Not very often. Conference proceedings are typically limited to poster abstracts. Articles, book chapters, College and UBC library books (free to receive and return by mail), theses, news articles, and ad hoc reports are the typical fare delivered to requestors.

How quickly are articles delivered?

Most article requests are filled within 24 hours on business days. If the College needs to source it from another, library staff will keep requestors informed as to delivery time and do their best to accommodate the request in a timely fashion.

Make an article request from the library via:

An overview of library services is available on the College website.