Seeking members for the Physician Practice Enhancement Program dermatology working group

The Physician Practice Enhancement Program is an educational program aimed at improving a physician’s medical practice through feedback. The goal of the program is to promote quality improvement in community-based physicians’ medical practice by highlighting areas of excellence and identifying opportunities to guide self-directed professional development and lifelong learning. Each year, hundreds of BC physicians participate in the program. The program continues to expand its scope to include all physicians in community-based practice. This year, in addition to psychiatry, pediatrics and internal medicine, PPEP will expand to include dermatology. The program is currently seeking dermatologists to serve on an assessment development working group.

As with all PPEP assessments, assessments of dermatologists will be based in large part on reviews by their peers. Members of the working group will provide expertise, guidance, and feedback in reviewing standards for dermatology and the development of the assessment tools. The materials developed by the working group will directly impact the structure of PPEP assessments and ensure that it is appropriate for use with dermatologists in BC. 

Current PPEP working group members routinely tell the College how much they enjoy serving their colleagues and the profession in this way. Dermatologists interested in joining the College to support a culture of quality improvement for BC physicians should contact:

Ms. Tania Froysaa
Coordinator, Operations and Physician Relations
Physician Practice Enhancement Program

For more information on PPEP, visit the College website.