Revised spirometry quality control grading and escalation criteria

Questions and answers

What are the new grading criteria?

The revised criteria include:

  1. Test performance grading is new. The grading assesses the technical criteria of patient test reports. 
  2. Biological QC performance grading includes additional categories, to assess biological QC data in a standardized manner.
  3. Linearity performance grading is new. The grading assesses the linearity data in a standardized manner. 
  4. Escalation action column is new to each table and outlines the steps DAP will take in response to unacceptable performance. This information was previously in a stand-alone table.  

Why was this change made? 

Original grading criteria did not include technical criteria regarding system linearity performance.  In response to this, the DAP conducted a full review of the previously approved DAP Spirometry Accreditation Awards and Ongoing Monitoring document. This review was conducted by DAP staff, DAP pulmonary function technical consultants and DAP pulmonary function medical consultant. The guiding principles for the review included standardization, consideration of risk, clarity and transparency, with the goal being a document that is more easily understood. 

This revised document is now titled Spirometry Quality Control Grading and Escalation Criteria. The grading criteria will help to make facilities and the public aware of the steps taken by the DAP to protect the safety of the public, as well as ensure that unacceptable spirometry QC performance is handled consistently and fairly across all facilities.

What happens if unacceptable spirometry QC performance is not resolved?

Failure to participate and/or ongoing unacceptable spirometry QC performance will result in the facility’s DAP file being referred to the DAP Committee for reconsideration of the accreditation award.


Facilities are always encouraged to contact the DAP if they have questions. This revised document, DAP Spirometry Quality Control Grading and Escalation Criteria, is available on the DAP website.