iStent―a micro-invasive treatment for open-angle glaucoma

In recent years the NHMSFP Committee has received physician requests for approval to use the iStent device for the surgical treatment of open-angle glaucoma. 

After review of the literature regarding the efficacy and safety related to the use of the iStent device, and recognizing its use within hospitals in health authorities, the NHMSFP Committee has approved the use of iStent in the non-hospital setting with several provisos including:

  • iStent may only be performed as an add-on procedure with cataract surgery
  • iStent as a stand-alone procedure is not approved
  • iStent is the only minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) device approved for the non-hospital setting
  • Other MIGS devices, including second generation iStent Inject, are not approved for the non-hospital setting

Registrants wanting non-hospital privileges to perform implantation of iStent should contact the NHMSFP for guidance with the application process.