Registrar's message—registrants who are not current for clinical practice may not bill, refer or prescribe

As of November 1, 2017, registrants who indicate that they have undertaken fewer than eight weeks (320 hours) of clinical practice per year or 960 hours in the preceding three years will be flagged as not current for clinical practice in the College’s registration database, pursuant to section 2-8 of the Bylaws made under the Health Professions Act. Physicians considered to have currency issues that warrant this flag will receive prior written notification via standard mail. The letter will inform relevant registrants that once the flag is added, they will be unable to prescribe medications or bill the Medical Services Plan (MSP). 

This internal flag is one of a number of improvements being implemented by the College to ensure that registrants are qualified, competent and fit to practise medicine within their scope, and according to legislated requirements. While this information will not be displayed to the public via the online physician directory, it will be shared with relevant government agencies, including PharmaNet and MSP. It may also be indicated on certificates of professional conduct issued by the College to provide other organizations, including medical regulatory authorities and health authorities, with more accurate information on former or current registrants.

Registrants identified by the College as not current for clinical practice may be able to regain currency through an individualized plan, which may require the completion of a period of formal assessment of skill, knowledge, and competency as determined by the registrar.

FAQs on clinical currency can be found on the College website here.