Transfer via emergency health services (EHS)

Medical directors are advised that the policy and procedures must include the following:

  • patients must be transferred via emergency health services (EHS)
  • the most responsible physician (MRP) determines whether a regulated health-care professional needs to accompany the patient during transfer
  • if transfer is arranged via the EHS Patient Transfer Network and the patient deteriorates at the non-hospital facility while awaiting transfer to the hospital, 911 is to be called to advise EHS of the increased urgency of transfer
  • the MRP ensures that essential medical information is sent with the patient (e.g. pre-op history, ECG strips, OR record, anesthesia record, consultation note); however, this information should not delay transfer
  • if not accompanying the patient, the MRP must contact the receiving physician immediately by phone or in person to ensure continuity of care
  • a patient safety incident report must be submitted to the College