Volume 5 | No. 6 | November / December 2017

Registrar's message—An update on the development of revised professional guidance on the referral/consultation process

In the September/October edition of the College Connector, we reported on the results of a consultation with the profession and public on the existing guideline related to the referral process, which was conducted over the summer. After further analysis of the results, and a number of in-person meetings with medical leaders this fall, one consistent theme has emerged—that the primary issue affecting patient care throughout the referral process is a breakdown in communication.

New PICNet recommendations for cleaning and disinfection in medical ultrasound to prevent human papillomavirus transmission

New recommendations have been received from the Ministry of Health in response to recently published studies indicating that human papillomavirus (HPV) has become strongly resistant to the chemical disinfectants traditionally used for the reprocessing of ultrasound probes.

Revised and updated—Physician Privacy Toolkit

The use of new technologies (e.g. mobile devices, electronic communication tools, and electronic medical records software applications) has significantly affected the way in which personal health information is being collected, used and disclosed. With this increased convenience comes increased security risks, so how can physicians maintain confidentiality of their patients’ personal health information?

Physician input guides process change

The Prescription Review Program (PRP) is an educational activity aimed at supporting and helping physicians prescribe safely. A survey of participants in the program was launched in January 2017 to help guide restructuring of the PRP process. Many of the suggestions were incorporated, and the revised process was launched with an announcement in the July/August issue of the College Connector and on the College website.

Single-use medical devices being reprocessed and reused in community-based clinics

Since the launch of the Physician Office Medical Device Reprocessing Assessment (POMDRA) initiative, College staff continues to support, educate and address specific questions that arise with respect to medical device reprocessing in the community-based physician office setting. Recently, medical device reprocessing (MDR) assessors observed that several common single-use medical devices were being reprocessed and reused unknowingly by clinic staff.

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