Single-use medical devices being reprocessed and reused in community-based clinics

Since the launch of the Physician Office Medical Device Reprocessing Assessment (POMDRA) initiative, College staff continues to support, educate and address specific questions that arise with respect to medical device reprocessing in the community-based physician office setting. Recently, medical device reprocessing (MDR) assessors observed that several common single-use medical devices were being reprocessed and reused unknowingly by clinic staff.

Below are three common medical devices that are intended for single-use and must be discarded once used.

Disposable single-use skin staple removers

As these medical devices are typically given to a patient upon discharge from a hospital, the single-use designation that would be present on the original packaging is not provided on the individual item itself. Therefore, clinic staff must be aware that these single-use medical devices cannot be reprocessed or reused on another patient. 

Physicians who reprocess reusable medical devices in their office settings are directed to verify that the above medical devices are not circulating in their reusable medical device inventory. These items must be discarded after their intended one-time use.  

More information on POMDRA is available here.