The DAP is discontinuing its pulmonary function distance medical review program

What has changed?

Effective September 20, 2017, the DAP’s coordinated Pulmonary Function Distance Medical Review Program (DMRP) will be discontinued. Accredited facilities will no longer need to submit tracings and reports prior to their on-site assessment for the purposes of third-party medical peer review, and a distance medical review report will no longer be issued.  

The pulmonary function quality control program, however, remains in effect. Accredited facilities are still required to complete the quality control worksheets and submit the applicable data twice per year.

The pulmonary function on-site assessment process will also remain unchanged.

Why was this change made?

With the recent changes to the DAP’s medical peer review accreditation standards, the DMRP is redundant. The implementation of a continuous, site-specific or organization-wide medical peer review program is now mandatory.  

Medical peer review will be managed more appropriately by the medical director of the pulmonary function service. Furthermore, this change aligns the pulmonary function accreditation processes with the other DAP programs. The distance medical review program was offered exclusively within the pulmonary function program.

What if information was already submitted for an upcoming assessment?

The DAP will ensure that already submitted medical peer review packages will be reviewed and a distance medical review report will be provided. Facilities that have received their on-site assessment letter but have not submitted a medical review package are not required to do so.  

More information

Facilities are encouraged to contact the DAP if they have questions.