BMJ best practice update

BMJ Best Practice provides current, evidence-based point-of-care summaries, free to College registrants as an app or online through the College library. New, clinically useful features have been launched on the online version:

  1. Cochrane Clinical Answers is embedded in Best Practice topics. Using a question and answer format, Cochrane Clinical Answers translates authoritative Cochrane systematic reviews into practical recommendations.
  2. More than 250 evidence-based medical calculators from EBMcalc.
  3. Procedural videos embedded into clinical topics and also separately searchable.
  4. Enhanced treatment algorithms. Under the "Management" tab, treatment algorithms are displayed according to the condition of the patient and offer sequential treatment options.
  5. Visual alerts to important updates within topics with immediate links to the most current evidence.
  6. Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) Toolkit helps users learn how to weigh study results and relate them to clinical practice.

Note that the app for Best Practice was updated this summer. Download the new app from the App and Google Play stores. Downloading instructions are here

In a 2016 study, BMJ Best Practice was ranked first, tied with Dynamed and UpToDate, for breadth of disease coverage, editorial quality, and evidence-based methodology among a field of 26 point of care tools.¹ Registrants can explore this valuable point of care tool and also receive literature search results, have articles or books delivered, receive personalized instruction in searching for evidence, and more (see the Guide to Library Services).

  1. Kwag KH, González-Lorenzo M, Banzi R, Bonovas S, Moja L. Providing Doctors With High-Quality Information: An Updated Evaluation of Web-Based Point-of-Care Information Summaries. J Med Internet Res. 2016 Jan 19;18(1):e15. Available from: