New spirometer acceptance testing templates—available now

The Diagnostic Accreditation Program (DAP) accreditation standards require acceptance testing of all new or replaced equipment prior to clinical use. The testing must be performed by an individual independent of the manufacturer, and the DAP must be notified of the change before the equipment is used for patient testing. To assist facilities with the performance of acceptance testing for new or replaced spirometers, templates are available on the College website here.

Who should use the templates?

The templates were developed to assist new and currently accredited facilities in the community spirometry accreditation program; however, pulmonary function laboratories are also encouraged to use the templates when introducing a new spirometer into their practice.

What happens after the completed form is submitted?

After submitting the form to, the results of the acceptance testing will be reviewed by an expert in pulmonary function quality control to ensure the spirometer is operating correctly. Once the performance is confirmed, the DAP will contact the facility to advise that the spirometer is ready for patient testing or that additional testing is required.

More information

Facilities are encouraged to contact the DAP if they have questions at or 604-733-7758, extension 2635.