Volume 6 | No. 6 | November / December 2018

Registrar’s message—new video highlights best practices for conducting physical examinations and procedures: a refresher for some; new expectations for others

Conducting physical examinations that require patients to disrobe is one of the most common aspects of medical practice that physicians may take for granted in their busy daily routine. However, it is also an experience that can leave patients feeling vulnerable, exposed and uncomfortable, and has been the source of many patient complaints over the years.

Registered care advisors—an essential medical resource for advancing the care and recovery of patients injured in vehicular accidents

On November 9, 2018, the provincial government announced new Insurance (Vehicle) Regulations for the treatment of motor vehicle accident injuries that allow for the creation of a list of medical care consultants called registered care advisors. Through the upcoming annual licence renewal process, the College will verify that registrants interested in becoming registered care advisors are qualified and otherwise eligible.

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