Piloting the MCC 360 multi-source feedback program

The Physician Practice Enhancement Program (PPEP) will pilot a new multi-source feedback (MSF) assessment from the Medical Council of Canada (MCC), known as the MCC 360. Although most physicians selected to participate in PPEP will continue with the existing multi-source feedback assessment administered by Pivotal Research Inc., a pilot group of 50 physicians will be asked to participate in the new MCC 360 feedback assessment tool.

Physicians selected for the MCC 360 pilot will follow the same assessment pathway as physicians completing the existing MSF assessment through Pivotal Research Inc.

Upon completion of the MCC 360 pilot, physicians will be asked for their anonymous feedback on the assessment and process, which will be shared with the MCC for program improvements.

Physicians who are selected to participate in the MCC 360 pilot as part of their PPEP assessment who would like further information should contact PPEP staff or visit the MCC 360 website. For further information on program development and design, contact the Medical Council of Canada at 1-833-521-6024. 

Reminder: Information obtained by the PPEP, including the MCC 360, is prescribed as confidential under section 26.2 of the Health Professions Act, subject to the exceptions therein. Furthermore, the College, as a public body under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, RSBC 1996, c.165 (FOIPPA), is committed to protecting all personal information in its custody or under its control pursuant to the provisions of the FOIPPA.

Acknowledging PPEP assessors

The Physician Practice Enhancement Program would like to thank and acknowledge the contribution, dedication and hard work of its team of 60 program assessors. Programs assessors are ambassadors who play an integral role in engaging physicians throughout the quality improvement process. Each year, feedback from the program shows that the assessor interaction remains very positive. Assessors continue to develop their skills through assessor workshops, networks and conferences.