Updates made to DAP notification of significant change in service forms

The Diagnostic Accreditation Program (DAP) has updated the notification of significant change in service forms for all accreditation programs. The new forms have been designed to improve quality, clarity and user-friendliness.

The form is required to be completed and submitted to the DAP by an existing accredited organization or diagnostic facility that is preparing for a significant change in service related to: 

  • physical location (relocation/extensive renovation)
  • methodology
  • equipment
  • leadership
  • interpreting physicians
  • scope of testing
  • technical staffing model

The service must not commence until the scope of accreditation is confirmed for changes related to physical location, methodology, equipment, scope of testing or technical staffing model.

The form is available within each DAP program-specific accreditation webpage. Upon receipt, the form will be reviewed to determine whether the change affects the accreditation award and a written response will be provided to the organization or facility.