Volume 7 | No. 2 | March / April 2019

Registrar’s message: Telemedicine and licence portability―the future of medical regulation in Canada

The Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada is undertaking a review of the licensure of physicians, which includes three interrelated projects: developing a cross-jurisdiction licence for telemedicine; expediting the granting of full, unrestricted licences for physicians who want to work in different provinces; and a licence portability agreement.

Why does the College hold so many consultations? Insight into the policy review cycle

The days of printed copies of practice standards gathering dust in a binder are long over. Living standards, which can evolve and adapt with time, require a robust multi-step review process inclusive of stakeholder consultation. While the number of emails sent to registrants from the College may seem vexing, it is hoped that insight into the policy review cycle will help foster an appreciation for both the value and the utility of routine consultation.

Update on consultation results: (1) Emailing Patient Information, (2) Walk-in, Urgent Care and Multi-physician Clinics

The College recently held two consultations, seeking feedback from registrants on the Emailing Patient Information professional guideline and the Walk-in, Urgent Care and Multi-physician Clinics practice standard. Results have now been analyzed, and key themes will help guide the next round of revisions.

Quality improvement does not equate to “pass or fail”

Under the Health Professions Act, RSBC 1996, c.183 (HPA), the College has a legislative requirement to assess the professional performance of a registrant. The Physician Practice Enhancement Program (PPEP) is one of the College’s programs that provides this function for community-based physicians in BC. All community-based physicians have either already been assessed, or their turn will come.

The College Connector is sent to every current registrant of the College. Decisions of the College on matters of standards and guidelines are contained in this publication. The College therefore assumes that each registrant is aware of these matters. Questions or comments about this publication should be directed to communications@cpsbc.ca.

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