Non nocere: useful ideas and initiatives in the cause of patient safety

The 1999 publication of To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System prompted the advent of “patient safety” as a scholarly and practical discipline and movement. Two decades on, many physicians describe a mixed experience: a whirlwind of changes with patient safety as the stated goal, but also a weary sense that, at the level of patient-physician relationships, it often doesn’t seem as productive as it could be.

This year’s Education Day will focus on ideas, initiatives and practical tools that are effectively addressing a shared commitment to avoid harm at the bedside. The day will feature the perspective of a well-informed patient navigating the system and expert insights for physicians on how to thrive despite the seemingly overwhelming demands of present-day practice. Join colleagues for plenary sessions, case studies and interactive workshops to explore these and other compelling topics on how physicians can contribute to the cause of safety in the course of their daily work with patients.

Find information about the program and speakers here.